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Real stories of how Washington Express has adapted our delivery service to help
businesses like yours.

International Logistics Company

Location: Headquartered in France

Challenge: They needed a regional delivery partner with the resources to pick up and deliver promotional products to 100+ customers throughout the Metro area within 2-3 hours of the order request.

Solution: Washington Express stored the products in our central warehouse and developed an interface between their software and ours, allowing digital transfer of on-demand bulk orders to our system resulting in fast and economical delivery.

National Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Location: Headquartered in Amarillo, Texas

Challenge: After struggling with late and mis-delivered prescriptions through FedEX, the company needed a partner to pick up 20-50 prescriptions two times per day from various pharmacies and deliver to recipients within two hours.

Solution: Using state-of-the-art tracking technologies we established and maintained a logistics network that ensured on-time deliveries, while providing “flat” rate fixed pricing.

Locally Sourced Food Delivery Service

Location: Headquartered in Warrenton, VA serving DC, MD and VA

Challenge: During the pandemic this grocery subscription company experienced a sharp surge in demand, but lacked a logistics/delivery solution to supplement their few in-house drivers.

Solution: With our “Drive-Share/Fleet-Share” program we were able to provide the extra vehicles and professional drivers to meet their increased demand of 100 bags of food per day.

International Legal Software Provider

Location: Headquartered in Toronto

Challenge: They required photo copies of specific court dockets that are not stored digitally and can only be obtained in person at local DC courts,  an essential service for their clients, needed many times every month. They wanted a partner to replace their own longtime in-house court specialists who retired.

Solution: Employing our “Research and Retrieval" division we created a team of court specialists expressly to provide this service.

National Restaurant Management Group

Location: Headquartered in Washington, DC

Challenge: It was cost prohibitive to employ a driver and vehicle for early morning deliveries of breakfast pastries to their restaurant locations throughout the region.

Solution: Washington Express developed  a custom sequential routing system that cut costs and met pre-opening breakfast deadlines for restaurants.

International Furniture Design And Manufacturing

Location: Headquartered in Toronto

Challenge: Sample furniture pieces that previously sat on various company showroom floors had become a major issue due to the closure and relocation of some showrooms. The client needed an alternative to manage inventory and deliver sample pieces to customers.

Solution: We used a custom “Inventory Management System” for them to manage their inventory in our warehouse and integrate it with our delivery software so sample orders could be entered into the system, identified and delivered when needed.